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Free Gym Access and Discounted Classes for ALL Rent V38 Guests


When you rent an apartment in RentV38, or stay as a hotel guest, you also get a complimentary membership to access the gym and all its facilities.

Gym Facilities & Training

Free Access to gym  & discounted classes

Swimming pool & Sauna

Apartment guests enjoy free access to both

Juice Bar

On the spot nutrition with fresh ingredients

Free gym access for as long as you stay!

Fitness and Training Rooms

Altitude room with exercise bikes at rent V38 fitness in Bangkok

High Altitude Room

The facilities offered by the V38 gym will excite you. First, we present our Altitude Room, where the practice of resistance at high altitude is practised more than 2500 m (8000 ft) above sea level. We have ATS products that will allow this powerful tool to be accessed by athletes of all standards without the cost and time required to travel to real altitude. We offer different programs and individual assistance so you can improve day by day.

Fitness Equipment

In case you want to tighten those muscles and gain strength, we have the Weight and Resistance Room, where we have the necessary equipment to lose weight, decrease body fat, build muscle, tone up, strengthen your core, increase stamina and improve your cardiovascular fitness and wellbeing, our personal trainers are ready and waiting to meet you and help you on your fitness journey.

Weight training room at V38 Fitness in Bangkok
Workout room at V38 fitness including punching bags, weight spinners, and boxin equipment

Workout Room

If you are not one of those who love heavy lifting you can go for a workout in Studio 1, where we have a functionally stylish fitness frame with the choice of TRX and circuit training, with a boxing bag and a dynamic roller system. You will always be under the supervision of one of our excellent instructors to achieve your goals and always improve.

Rent V38 Fitness Altitude Room

Man using leg curl gym equipment

woman training with boxer

Swimming Pool, Sauna, and Juice Bar

Large swimming pool with chandelier and tiles. The wall is glass and looks over the trees outside

Swimming Pool

Take a break in our refreshing and luxurious Swimming Pool. Or get some exercise with our endless swimming pool system that allows you to swim for ages without doing a single turn. We also offer various lessons and underwater games such as underwater hockey.

Our pool is surrounded by wood and lined with ceramic tile. There is a beautiful modern chandelier that hangs over the pool for beautiful evening lighting. The entire side of the pool is enclosed in glass for a view of tree tops.

Natural Wood Spa

In our Sauna, you can relax, rest and recover after a long session of exercise, or a hard day at work.

Saunas have many benefits including promoting a stronger immune system, flush toxins, lose weight, moisturize your skin, look younger, etc.

sauna interior
Image of Raw 03 juice in a bottle with the lid shown and a side view. Juice is green.

Our Juice Bar

To complement all your exercise and help you to achieve your goals, we have the Juice Bar, where we not only offer a variety of juices for energy but also shakes, teas, soups & salads that not only taste great, they are packed with nutrition to empower you in whatever goals you aspire to achieve. We use a wide variety of fresh, free range & organic ingredients and use each ingredient in a way that when ingested by the human body you take in the highest level of micronutrients available in that food.

Fitness center and pool at V38 Fitness

Man swimming in pool at fitness centre

Entrance to V38 Fitness in Bangkok

Classes, Trainers, and Workshops

Woman learning to box with trainer

Fitness & Training

If free gym access were not enough, you can upgrade to VIP Membership where you get discounted rates to all our classes and additional services.

Muay Thai Camp, where you can take your fitness to another level and where you can also learn one of the most traditional sports. We offer courses from beginners to advanced and with our former champion instructors you can have the maximum experience to learn this incredible sport.

If you do not like contact sports, you can try the PADI scuba diving. We have courses for children from 8 years old up to adults. Do not miss out on learning to Scuba dive in a relaxed and fun environment here at V38 fitness in the heart of Bangkok.

Girl wearing scuba gear in pool
Fitness training on mats at Studio room in Rent v38

Strive for Excellence

We offer different types of classes in our gym facilities, such as Kids free running, Kids Muay Thai, LBT (Legs, Bums and Tums), TRX (Total Resistance Exercise), Yoga and Yoga fly, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Class , Bikini class, Body Weight, Boot Camp, Boxing, Busy Mom class, Core 38, Functional MuayThai and various other classes.

Woman training with trainer at V38 fitness

Woman hitting punching bag at V38 fitness

Woman weight training with trainer at V38 fitness in Bangkok

Live the experience and discover what you are most passionate about here in V38 fitness.

Exterior of Rent V38 Apartments in Bangkok
Amenities Fitness & Training

Check out our programs and don’t forget to ask for a schedule with instructors that teach the classes. Living at Rent V38 is a great opportunity for digital nomads, professionals, and ex-pats.

woman working out

Man holding scuba gear wearing a bathing suit

Woman doing suspended yoga

We Support Health & Fitness Lifestyles

Lobby of Rent v38 facing the business center and essentials shop
Lobby and front desk at Rent V38. Includes grey wooden floor, and wooden counter
Image of a loft apartment at Rent v38. Includes a loft area bed with couch under it. Wood floors, cabinets and bright lighting
One bedroom apartment with a view. Wooden floors and modern concrete walls