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We Care About Our Boutique Apartments


Rent V38 is a Family Business Built from the Ground Up

• High-Quality Boutique Apartments • Good Service • Small Details
• Aesthetic Design • Tenants’ Experiences

Rent V38 is a custom built, high-rise condo in Bangkok. Rent V38 offers individual living spaces which are as unique, modern and trendy as the people who live in them.

The 6 styles of apartments at Rent V38 appeal to a range of tenants from the Thai and International communities living, working and socialising right on our doorstep.


Our Values


Our values ​​define the character of our company. They express who we are, how we act, and what we believe in.

Our mission is to promote a better quality of life with integral housing developments that provide amenities to make life easier.

The Experience

RENT V38 is a set of avant-garde concepts and more contemporary styles. With projects that propose to evolve the functionality of spaces, style, and comfort, with more exclusive developments making RENT V38 a unique experience.


RENT V38 offers a contemporary architectural style characterized by its functional spaces, designed for the most demanding clients.

All Inclusive

Enjoy creative and comfortable spaces, each of our apartment models has all the areas you want in your new home.

At RentV38 our family works as a team in creating the best Bangkok has to offer.

5th floor hallway of Rentv38 apartments. Polished Concrete walls and floors with bight lighting and black doors.


By giving our service we always treat our customers with kindness, speed and enthusiasm.

We strive to ensure that our boutique apartments comply with all the specifications so that our clients feel satisfied.


Our family business is honest and consistent with what we say and what we do.

Rent V38 also has easy access to the best bars, restaurants, nightclubs, entertainment areas, cultural areas, shopping and business centres.

Image of the building Rentv38 from the front. The building has slanted architecture with patio apartments

Meet the Family

Tim Acton


Tim’s ability to put plans into action is the reason Rent V38 exists. Part of a dynamic duo,  Tim is not only artistic, intelligent, and extremely creative, he’s quite the funny bloke when you get him talking.

Tuk Acton on holiday


Tuk is the other powerhouse behind Rent V38. She is the glue that holds it all together and engine that keeps it moving forward. This amazing woman is someone you’ll definitely enjoy when you meet.

About Us

M is for Mermaid

The youngest family member of RentV38 is definitely part fish. M brings us the sunshine, even on the cloudiest days. We wouldn’t have such a bright and warming building if it wasn’t for M.

grandmother and granddaughter photo

In Memoriam

This building was the creative vision of Tuk’s mom, Pa Ing. Through her wisdom and most importantly, her great love, we have made it a reality.

Unfortunately, Pa (Aunty), was not here to see it to the end. And it is with a loving heart that we dedicate Rent V38 to this incredible woman.